Special Treatments


Black spots and imperfections are caused by excessive sebum secretion. To this end, we offer special GERnetic treatments at the Institute, alongside cosmetic treatment and home care, which regulate seborrhea and purify the skin in order to avoid these unpleasant symptoms. At the same time, we provide skin with nutrients that have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, as a result balancing the Ph of the skin and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.


The sensitive eye area needs protection more than any other area of the face. Problems such as dark circles, under-eye bags and thin wrinkles can be addressed with completely specialized treatments at the Institute and the use of appropriate products. GERnetic’s specialized products and treatments effectively erase day-to-day signs of time, reducing fine lines, regulating blood circulation and fighting free radicals.


Pigmentation is a process that evolves into the deeper layer of the epidermis and the dermis. Melanocytes, which give skin color by 13%, are responsible for the pigmentation process. The complex mechanism of skin pigmentation can easily be disorganized.

GERnetic treatments aim at regulating the production of melanin and restoring melanocyte function. So, the whitening line meets your highest expectations, whether you just want a brighter complexion, or you’re aiming at fighting the brown spots that are formed when delicate areas of the skin are exposed to the sun. A completely natural whitening system from naturally occurring ingredients. To address the above aesthetic problems, we offer completely specialized treatments and special products for cosmetic treatment and home care at the Institute.


The skin reacts to external stimulators and expresses our daily feelings. It blossoms, “pulls” and displays hot flashes. Act instantly and effectively to deal with skin sensitivities and their consequences with the fully specialized GERnetic treatment. The specially designed products for broken capillaries and delicate skins are rich in Vitamin E, PP, Chamomile and Sage. They offer soft texture and change your natural complexion by protecting the skin from external attacks. Enjoy the treatment for face and neck, broken capillaries and enjoy the effect of a durable and supple epidermis. The treatment is combined with the use of highly specialized products for cosmetic treatment and home care.


Both external attacks and inner feelings create on your skin irritations, redness and a pulling sensation. GERnetic’s research in this field aims to provide the skin with the essential nutrients to provide immediate relief and create a smooth effect.
Rich in micromolar nutrients, this variety of products and cosmetic treatments is essential as our lives are constantly changing and evolving.

The products, therapies and the GERnetic method will be found exclusively in New You.