Rf refit face

The new Refit system is an advanced system for reducing cellulite, lipolysis and body firming, combining the following technologies:

• Radio Frequencies (Bipolar Switches)
• Vacuum (Continuous/Rhythmic)
• LED (Red/Blue)

Refit treatment is based on state-of-the-art radio frequencies that combine Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, Aspiration and LED, thus achieving effective collagen production, facelift and facial tightening, wrinkle reduction and skin regeneration. They offer immediate and painless spectacular results, with no recovery time at all.

Refit treatment and framing technology supports all types of skin and brings elasticity, collagen production, facelift, firming and sharpening of the face. Refit treatment uses RF radiofrequency to effectively tighten and regenerate the skin, exploiting tissue resistance at different skin levels. Thus, because of this resistance, the radio frequencies change into thermal energy that stimulates the growth of collagen, in order to bring about the desired skin regeneration.

Combined Technology:

Multi-polar RF: RF energy releases thermal energy at the level of dermis and subcutaneous tissue, resulting in increased metabolism, collagen production, tightening and improved skin elasticity.

Vacuum: Aspiration increases blood circulation, reduces subcutaneous trapped fat cells, oxygenates the area better and hence restructures the facial contour. In addition, it contributes to the even more efficient penetration of RF energy into the deep skin levels.

LED: The LED function brings vividness to the dull skin tone, increases cell renewal, fights wrinkles and stimulates collagen production, giving a softer and shiny skin texture.

Applied: In all areas of the face and double-digger. Special Applications for Sensitive areas around the eyes and the forehead.

Results: Oval, facial firming, contour improvement, skin regeneration, abrasion and visible wrinkle reduction, collagen production, increased skin elasticity, collagen retention, skin tissue renewal, increased luminosity.