RF Refit

The new Refit system is an advanced system for reducing cellulite, lipolysis and body firming, combining the following technologies:

• Radio Frequencies (Bipolar Switches)
• Vacuum (Continuous/Rhythmic)
• LED (Red/Blue)

The combination of these three technologies provides effective body treatments painlessly and without rehabilitation time.

Combined Technology:

Multi-polar RF: Bipolar radio frequency alternations in combination with multiple treatment heads allow both surface and deep tissue heating, affecting the skin and the fat mass of the superficial trapped fat. Thermally stimulating these multiple levels results in skin firming, increases local circulation, skin rejuvenation and local metabolism with a noticeable reduction in the appearance of orange peel.

Vacuum: Rhythmic vacuum at different frequencies enhances blood microcirculation, increases local lymphatic circulation, mobilizes blocked fat, resulting in lipidation. Continuous vacuum also helps to efficiently penetrate radio frequencies to the lower levels of the skin as well as to simultaneously shape the skin.

LED: Simultaneous low power laser emission at 640nm and 460nm wavelengths to increase microcirculation and improve skin tone.

Apply to: Belly, Feet, Buttocks, Hands, Knees, Breast and Décolleté.

Results: Cellulite Reduction, Local Fat Reduction, Body Fat Reduction, Lipolysis Enhancement, Body Firming, Decongestion / Glossy Skin-Lift, Body Contour Enhancement, Firming – Lifting Breast.