Perfect Silhouette! It's Never too Late

All women are looking to improve their appearance on the beach and correct the imperfections of their bodies, especially when June is approaching. Along with new technologies, this is now becoming feasible and every woman can see a change in her appearance with the help of science and a healthier lifestyle. So, depending on the aesthetic problem that concerns her: cellulite, relaxation, weight loss or local fat/fat, there are methods of treatment available, even non-invasive. Methods that will give you the desired result easily and relatively quickly.

Thanks to the new technologies of COOL 4D Cryolipolysis, REFIT & LPG ENDERMOLOGIE of NEW YOU, it is possible to fight the persistent local fat/fat, cellulite and epidermal relaxation that tortures the majority of women. It is a new innovative approach to deal with local fat/fat with the help of the new technology.

The new treatment protocols we developed are specially designed for “quick summer slimming”, well suited and scientifically designed for body contouring and targeted liposculpture of the whole body such as (arms, back, abdomen, waist, loins, buttocks, thighs, knees, arms etc.).

At the same time we developed protocols specially designed for men (abdomen, back, waist, stomach and thighs).

Our new and specially targeted treatments act locally in the problematic areas of the body. With the new technology and through many different programs, we achieve: 1) slimmer abdomen and waist with tight arms, 2) sculpted buttocks and legs, 3) slimmed, smooth silhouette and firmed skin, 4) slimmer belly, buttocks and saddlebags, 5) reduction of orange peel appearance and sculpted scaled.

The results of local fat/fat loss are visible from the very first sessions.


Liposuction without a lance! The treatment of Cryolipolysis is the world’s most famous treatment for combating local fat and reducing the number of inches. It is a revolutionary technology of non-invasive liposuction and liposculpture that does not require surgical application and offers impressive results in just a few sessions.

NEW YOU Cryolipolysis can replace traditional liposuction, causing freeze and then apoptosis of the adipocytes resulting in their definitive necrosis. The treatment is applied to the Institute. Cryolipolysis COOL 4D produces results with only one treatment. Depending on the extent of the problem, however, one more session may be required. The results are immediately apparent and completed after three months.

The duration of treatment for each session is one hour and can be continued in other parts of the body. The results of this method in general are immediate, permanent and definitive, without the need for repetitions. The results are progressive and begin to become visible after the first 20 days, with the final therapeutic effect becoming apparent and ending after three months.

• Firming, Fat Loss & Local Slimming with Radio Frequencies/Vacuum & Led – REFIT Technology

In areas where local fat/fat appears, alone or in combination with cellulite, treatment with Radiofrequency may be applied. The REFIT Medical Aesthetic Equipment uses Radio Frequencies combined with Vacuum & Led Technologies to improve the body’s appearance. It helps to polish and smooth the loose or wrinkled skin anywhere in the body. The treatment helps to get flat stomach, thinner hips and thighs, and to achieve firming. The heat which is dissipated in the tissues results in the adipocytes shrinking, while fibroblasts are activated to produce collagen.

When applied to the abdominal area it can improve skin quality, causing firming and helping to lose inches. It is also applied to the waist, thighs, buttocks, generally in the areas where there is fat and cellulite, and in arms to eliminate unsightly relaxation. The results of the method are immediate and can be applied at one, two, or even three areas depending on the extent of the problem.

LPG ENDERMOLOGY. Body Sculpting, Cellulite Treatment & Epidermal Relaxation

Buttocks, belly, thighs, inner knees and arms are the areas where fat is accumulating more often. The natural alternative to liposculpture is the LPG Endermologie method! The modern answer to fight cellulite, epidermal relaxation and local fat! With LPG Endermologie Technology, say goodbye to bellies with excess fat! LPG represents the latest technology. Advanced LPG systems ideally adapt the session of treatments to the needs of each individual. It is a system of computer-controlled cylinders that simultaneously compresses and sucks into the treated areas of the body, thus stimulating lymphatic circulation.

Its application is very simple as well as the whole procedure during the treatment.

The LPG Endermologie equipment is unique in its kind, also making the treatment of cellulite a reality! Endermologie & Lipomassage also helps in slimming as it activates the process of lipolysis, breaking down and releasing fatty acids. It also helps to restore the body after pregnancy and to stimulate the contour of the body. The results are spectacular, since within a few sessions it is possible to remodel your body and lose several points. The treatment is ideal for abdomen, legs, buttocks, hands, back and where fat is deposited elsewhere.

In addition to the technologies available, you get sculpted legs and well-designed buttocks. With LPG, you can get rid of the local fat of the thighs and buttocks. Until now this was only possible with surgical procedures. Even LPG is ideal for “training” and strengthening the skin, revitalizing and improving its texture and elasticity, remodeling the distribution of collagen and any abnormalities in the contour of the skin.