The cleansing of the face is the basis of every cosmetic treatment and a necessary parameter for a perfect and unobtrusive look. Through the treatment process the dead cells of the skin are removed, while with the correct extraction of the sebum the skin breathes and cleanses in depth. During the sebum extraction process, the sebum from the epidermis pores and black spots are removed.

The result is a clean, smooth and glossy skin, without roughness and dullness. The skin is best oxygenated through cutaneous respiration and absorbs the valuable ingredients of cosmetics that can effectively penetrate the skin.

The process involves removing dirt with a special emulsion and lotion, peeling, steam pouring, sebum extraction, antibacterial protection, and special mask treatment.

In New You, the cleansing treatments for youthful, oily and mixed skins as well as for mature skins are made with the micromolecular products of the French House GERnetic.