Skin exfoliation is a necessary process of aesthetic facial treatment throughout the year. In particular, facial peeling deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead cells and stimulates their renewal, giving your skin a velvety feel and shine. At the same time, it contributes to proper blood flow, cell renewal and increased collagen production.

Dermabrasion with Diamonds is a painless method of micro-skin care and skin-conditioning that gives a youthful skin in just a few minutes.

During treatment, dead cells and surface skin lesions are removed without causing injury.

Dermabrasion with Diamonds is an effective regenerative treatment that fights the signs and worsens of time by suggesting deep renewal in a very natural way.

It is applied to all areas of the face even in the eye area and on any skin type.

Results: Removal of dead cells, stimulation of their renewal, reduction of wrinkles and scars, anti-aging, brightness, reduction of acne, injuries marks and stretch marks. It also removes black spots and contributes to better penetration of cosmetic therapy ingredients.

Suitable for cases of acne, blotches, stains and photoaging problems.