GERnetic Facial Treatments

The method, the micromolar cosmetics of the French House of GERnetic and the highly specialized and effective treatments are the result of continuous research, profound knowledge and systematic use of the finest raw materials in the field of health and beauty.

GERnetic laboratories create products to meet the highest expectations. Advanced technology, passion for perfection and unparalleled quality in the services of your own beauty.

GERnetic methods are based on 3 basic principles:

a. Enriching the composition of the product formula with selected, high performance active ingredients, utilizing modern technology.

b. Increase the effectiveness of ingredients up to 10 times, developing their synergy on the skin during treatment.

c. Guarantee the unparalleled quality of products, thoroughly checking them before, during and after their production.

The products, method and treatments of GERnetic International, are a result from a comprehensive study of skin layers and are based on plants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and refined oils, 100% natural, guaranteeing the best result and eliminate any risk of allergy.

GERnetic International offers a wide range of sophisticated beauty and facial treatments for the face, hands, body and hair.
The specially formulated intensive action formulations of GERnetic treatments and products cover every need of your skin with the unique results you see and feel.

The products and the GERnetic method will be found exclusively in New You.

Specialized Treatments:

· Basic Therapy
· Treatment of dry and dehydrated skin
· Youth, Renaissance, Anti-Aging Les Parfaits
· Anaplastic, Anti Wrinkle, Anti-aging Treatment
· Marine Lifting Treatments
· Eye Care (Sachets & Wrinkles)
· Treatment of Blotches and Spots
· Treatment of Acne and Oily Skin
· Treatment of Broken Capillaries
· Grape therapy
· Thalassotherapy
· Cleansing of Youthful, Oily and Mixed Skin
· Cleansing of Mature Skin
· Scalp Treatment