GERnetic Body Treatments


Maintaining a beautiful body, regaining curves and vigorous appearance require a healthy lifestyle. In most cases, the redevelopment of the silhouette requires an understanding of each individual’s problems and peculiarities.

GERnetic’s body care line treats various problems with products that specialize in specific needs and help you regain a youthful and stylish silhouette. As special as the problem you are concerned with, GERnetic’s laboratories offer you a variety of products specifically designed to meet your needs and ensure long-lasting results for you.

GERnetic treatments combine the highly specialized therapies at the Institute combined with cosmetic home care.

Special treatments are included for Slimming, Obesity, Tightening, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Firming/Lifting Breast Enhancement, Thalassotherapy, and more.

The GERnetic products and methods will be available exclusively at New You.