COOL 4d-Cryolipolysis

The new COOL 4D system is an advanced system of selective coolsculpting based on the cryolipolysis method and causes a permanent reduction in local thickness in a completely safe manner. This is a non-invasive method, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), based on Harvard University’s extensive research on non-invasive liposculpture methods.

But how does COOL 4D effectively and directly treat local fat accumulation? Studies that have been conducted indicate that if the adipose tissue cell is subjected to strong cooling for a certain period of time, its controlled biological death (apoptosis) occurs. Subsequently, all the damaged adipocytes are eliminated in a perfectly normal way through the lymphatic system.

More specifically, the system has two very comfortable treatment heads with a built-in LCD display, which are applied locally to the adipose tissue and are pressed for a specified time in the cold treatment chamber (Phase 1).

Therefore, very high cooling (up to -9 ° C) is achieved (Phase 2), responsible for the subsequent degradation of the adipocytes (Phase 3). It is very important, however, to mention that the surrounding area remains intact, as the fat tissue is more sensitive to the effects of cold compared to surrounding tissues, which remain unaffected.

As a result of the above procedure, the area of accumulated fat decreases even from the first 20 days with the therapeutic effect being completed within three months. Depending on the size of the patient’s problem, treatment with COOL 4D may be administered as a monotherapy at a 1-hour session in each lipozone area, or if it is necessary to do additional therapies.

Phase 1

Αipose tissue aspiration using two special treatment heads and reduction of blood flow due to hyperventilation.

Phase 2

The fat is subjected to strong cooling without destroying the surrounding tissues.

Phase 3

The adipocytes are destroyed by the normal process of apoptosis (fat is reduced within 60-90 days).

This treatment is comfortable, fast (one hour session in each lipozone area) and can be applied to various areas of the body such as: hands, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. With zero recovery time, the patient may return to his/her daily activities immediately after the treatment is complete.

Summarizing the features and benefits of COOL 4D treatment, we could say the following:

• Non-invasive and bloodless method without anesthesia
• Safe, immediate and fast treatment
• It causes apoptosis of the adipocytes and permanent results
• No recovery time
• Comfortable and easy treatment
• Enhanced cooling mechanism
• Strong vacuum (up to 50 kilopascal)
• Double Heads for Contemporary Therapies
• LCD integrated display on the head