Why Beauty is Important for Modern Women

Beauty is a timeless and significant value for a modern woman and directly linked to her “image”. Over time, we would say that every woman wants to be beautiful, and this was in the past also inherent in her social role, and therefore expected by the social environment. On the other hand, beauty is not something fixed and self-tolerant if we look at it through a historical approach, as beauty patterns change. For this reason, the profession of Aesthetics, beyond studies, also requires constant updating and training.

As part of the image of modern woman, beauty and more generally an attentive outward appearance today is associated with self-confidence, dynamism, charm, attractiveness, opportunities, but also wellness in general. We would say in a way that beauty creates an added value for every modern woman. Today, where modern women perceive themselves as independent, the concept of beauty acquires a different meaning and is a basic necessity and priority. Today’s wife has a different social role, she has come out of the house, and has been dynamically enrolled in all areas of economic, political and social life, “pulling all her eyes on her.”

Beauty and youth are a real influence on modern women. The increase in life expectancy, is also now spreading the age range to which beauty services are addressed, as the modern woman for professional and social reasons remains active in all sectors even after 70. The passage of time, the attractiveness and the good psychology when a woman feels good to herself are very important issues for the modern woman who are closely associated with her image. The evolution of science and modern technological solutions and therapies today help us in the above direction by giving visible results, as well as in the area of prevention, which is equally important.

In conclusion, I would say that today the habits of personal care and beauty evolve and the modern woman has a new and essential attitude around beauty. Beauty today is conceived with concepts such as beautiful image, positivity, charm, inner harmony/balance, careful/tidy look, attractiveness, freshness, self-confidence. We would say that Greek women are always beautiful, carefree and well-groomed. This is why they have added to their daily routine beauty services such as aesthetics, eyebrows, makeup, but also specialized aesthetic services such as anti-aging, hair removal, liposculpture, etc.

Based on evidence from a recent survey on women’s interest and commitment to beauty, beauty seems to be concerned with the majority of women, at a rate of over 81%. It is worth mentioning that, according to the same survey, 60% of women take care of their face every day with creams and cleansing products, anti-wrinkle products and body care products, while 58% put make-up every day. The modern Greek woman is intensely engaged in beauty and regularly cares for herself and her beauty. We would like to end this article and say that today’s beauty is a holistic affair for every modern woman and remains intertwined with her, but not necessarily with youth. Beauty has nothing to do with age!