Diode Laser Soprano


SOPRANO ICE is the internationally award-winning permanent hair removal diode laser, suitable for every type of skin and use at any given time, delivering visible results from the very first session. This is the most painless and pleasurable hair removal experience you’ve ever had and is suitable for every type of hair and even in Summer!

It offers a unique combination of high-speed therapy (up to 3 Hz – 3 pulses / second), large spot size and high energy density (up to 120 J / cm2). It also features the new Super Hair Removal (SHR) treatment method, a global innovation. With a repeat rate of up to 10 Hz and an energy density of up to 20J / cm2, SOPRANO ICE, with the new SHR technique, provides fast, painless, comfortable, and effective hair removal.

With the Sapphire Dual Chill technique, thanks to Ice ™ Cold Sapphire technology, it does not cause burns and makes the treatment totally painless.

In addition, SOPRANO ICE has two depilation methods, on-the-go (In-Motion ™) SHR technology and the conventional pulse-pulse laser epilation method to tailor it to your needs.

With more than 6 years of clinically proven efficacy, it is approved by the FDA for I-VI phototypes, including sun-tan skin. The results of SOPRANO ICE are clinically proven and approved by the largest Food and Drug Administration in America FDA).

It is the first depilating platform with Alex & Speed features:

Features: Diode, 755 nm, Spot Size 15 × 10 mm, up to 10 Hz

Solid ALEX technology (755 nm) is based on the Alexandrite wavelength, allowing even better absorption of energy from the melanin chromophore.

Features: Diode, 810 nm, Spot Size 20 × 10 mm, up to 10 Hz

The treatment time is reduced by half with the laser diode head at 810 nm, spot size 20 x 10 mm and speed up to 10 Hz.

The 6 mm Facial Tip is ideal for difficult and inaccessible areas such as the ears, nostrils and glabella.